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EleccionesVisibles.org - ELECTION Monitoring

Kemok partners with GuatemalaVisible to provide a platform, elleccionesvisibles.org to monitor election fraud in Guatemala's 2015 elections.

We are using crowdsourcing techniques to collect data, then analyze, and communicate reports of violence during the month before and after the elections. Anyone in Guatemala is able to submit a report through an App, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, or a website.  

We have three specific goals for this initiative: 

  1. Communicate our analysis through maps and digestible reports to take preventive measures. 
  2. Gain insights into election-related fraud in Guatemala and abroad. 
  3. Strengthen Guatemala's new focus on transparency and violence prevention.

Election Fraud Reports 2015

Crime Tracking

Reported Violence Hotspots in Guatemala City

Reported Violence Hotspots in Guatemala City

Kemok is partnering with Guatemalan non-profit organizations Espanta Cancos to track day-to-day and election violence in the to provide information to monitoring organizations about predicted hotspots. As a first step Kemok is analyzing past violence to understand how it affects specific voter groups, determining and quantifying likely winners and losers of unfair and violent elections on a district by district level.